15 June 2014

Reviving the crafty life

Well, I'm working on a modified monogamy plan with my projects to work through UFOs and unearth my yarn stash. I recently had success finishing the blanket I started for my baby. She's not quite 5 months old and can definitely still use it so I'm counting that as a win.

Additionally, I have recently been exposed to modern quilting and have unearthed my sewing machine. I know, apparently I've been living under a rock. It all started with the QuiltCon lectures on Craftsy and once I started looking up some of the fiber artists, I could not stop surfing the websites. The aesthetic really calls to me.

My plan is to finish a rag quilt I started for my nephew years ago. It's big enough that I can get away with saying that I meant for it to be a quilt for when he goes to college. Plus, it takes up a ton of room since it's made from jeans and fleece. He's planning on going to college in the northeast so it'll get use. All the pieces are cut, I just have to sew it all together and snip.

Once that it is done, I'm going to start doing some blocks. I'm considering either doing each block in Block Party: The Modern Quilting Bee to create a sampler or trying out some of the blocks in Vintage Quilt Revival.

Going through the design process and keeping myself accountable is where ye old blog comes in. Ravelry is great for my knitting and crochet projects but not for quilting. Plus, I can do more rambling here-the project pages make more sense for technical documentation.

Wish me luck on my plan to keep up with my crafting.