28 November 2007

A little sparkle

I finished the sockees (finally) but I haven't taken photos. Needless to say, hubby wants them blocked and ready to wear. Soon my pretties...

For your viewing pleasure, here is some gorgeous tencel yarn from Just Our Yarn. It is the Almaza yarn in a bright orange/red-orange color (color TTT07-172 but its not on the site).

A little close-up:

I think it was overcast when I took the picture which gives a pretty true color but you can't really see the shine. Trust me, you just want to rub its silky softness against your cheek. This could be one of those skeins that is just beautiful to look at and pet.

I kept circling this yarn at Stitches East. I figure I'll use it for a scarf but really, I bought it because I couldn't resist it. Pam and I kept cruising by the booth and chatting it up with the ladies there. (They are funny and sweet and their yarn is absolutely fabulous. You should go check them out. There might be another yummy JOY yarn coming soon.)

14 November 2007

Cold color, soft feel

Didn't mean to leave you hanging. We went out of town last weekend and I've been busy sitting on my arse.

Any-hoo, here's what you really came for, some yarn baby.

This is some lovely bamboo from Habu.

2 skeins of fingering weight (or maybe laceweight?) bamboo, 1148 yards of steel grey lusciousness.

The color is more grey and not as blue as it looks on my monitor. Its the color of some medieval weapon, dark but catching the light to reveal greater depth. Can you tell that it pulls me? I think it will one day be a scarf but for now its enough to just take it out and pet it every once in a while.

04 November 2007

Taking it easy

Well, our guests technically left today. However, they spent the night at my uncle's house last night since he's closer to the airport and they had a 6am flight. I really appreciate the fact that I did not have to get up before 4am to get them to the airport on time.

Since the week was pretty mellow, I actually did not do that much knitting. I did more quilting but I have yet to figure out how to take pictures of those projects so they look good. Anyway, I should be done with the heel flap on sockee #2 for hubby by tonight and I'm hoping to have finished socks for him by Friday (his birthday).

For your viewing pleasure, more yarn from the Stitches haul:

This is some "Super Socks & Baby" yarn from Tess Yarns in two different colorways (no names on the label). The one on the left is a combination of fuchsia, raspberry, and violet (maybe the Peach Melba color?). The one on the right is mostly fuchsia with hints of violet. The plan is to make an EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket holding the two yarns held together. I think the two colors will work well together. I always love the Tess Yarns display. Even though the ribbon yarn calls my name, I resist because I don't really know what I would do with it. Since I couldn't walk away empty-handed, I think these made a practical purchase.

Amusing side story about the dogs if you are interested:

Background: my dogs are not allowed on the furniture because if they did get on the couch there would be no room for the humans. While Stella, the dachshund, was visiting, she was only allowed on the couch if she was on someone's lap--didn't want my dogs to get jealous. So yesterday my husband, the man who swore up and down that we could not get a small dog when I insisted on getting our first dog because he doesn't like little dogs, was laying on the couch with Stella on his stomach.

Me: I see that Stella has made herself comfortable.
Him: She just looked up at me and then jumped up. I couldn't stop her.
Me: Oh really? Are you trying to tell me that you might want one of your very own?
Him: I don't know, maybe.
Me: I guess I know what to get you next year for your birthday.
Him: Christmas is coming up.

Looks like we might become a 3 dog home if we can find a miniature, long-haired dachshunds that is as cute and friendly as Stella.