29 August 2007

Technical difficulties

My computer is experiencing some "troubles". Hubby should have time to fix it this weekend and then I can give you the full update. Until then, know that there has been knitting and quilting. The second Sockapalooza sock should be done by this weekend--been knitting on it during all my training at the new job so I'll be turning the heel soon.

I'm taking another quilting class. This one is a techniques class so the focus is really on using different skills for each of the blocks. I'm using some rather, um, interesting fabric choices. In fact, I'll let you judge for yourselves. I will say that I won't be insulted if you guys don't like it.

Happy knitting!

14 August 2007

And so it goes...

I've been working on new socks for my pal.

The lighting isn't great--I tried both indoor (top pic) and outdoor (bottom pic) photos but neither really does the color justice. The blues are a little softer in real life. Its also hard to see the pattern (Diamante).

I should be done with this sock before my trip and there should be plenty of knitting time during my travels to finish socks #2 by Mon. or Tues. of next week. Then I might turn my attentions back to Norberta.

This pile represents the back, front legs and back legs. I still have to do the wings and spikes that go down the back.

08 August 2007

Non-Crafty Quickie

Life is crazy. I made a new friend almost a month ago. She mentioned that there was a position opening in her office and I should apply. I blew it off because I just met her and it seemed odd that she was pushing for me to apply, and I do like where I work. (Of course, I don't like being commission only and driving 1.5 hrs each way 3 times a week. The other two days I work from home.) As you know, I went out of town and was hanging out with friends, this opportunity didn't even register. Well, when I came back I talked with her again and she, again, mentioned the opportunity. At the same time, the owner of the doggie daycare asked if I had any interest in coming back and I got an email from the local college saying they might need instructors for the spring. It felt to me like there were some serious "signs" (karma, destiny, God--whatever you happen to believe) that I needed to look at other opportunities. Anyway, I submitted my resume on Wed., they called Thurs., and I had my interview on Fri. The guy offered me the job on the spot. I was completely unprepared.

After a weekend of heavy deliberation, I decided to go for it. I gave notice at my current job and officially accepted the new job. The best part, the office is less than 5 miles from my house. If I get lucky and get mostly green lights, I can be at the office in about 10 mins. door-to-door. The second best part, its a salaried position with a national company (future possibilities of moving within the company).

Because that isn't wild enough, I found out yesterday that a good friend was killed on Fri. I'll be going back home to see everyone next week so I'll miss my last few days at my current job. Its not like they can fire me, right?


04 August 2007

Sockapalooza 4 Package

My sock pal rocks! Check out my care package:

Starting from the bottom left, Wavy Socks, some slipper socks, some tea, a Magic Towel, Reindeer Droppings (candy), leftover yarn from the Wavy Socks, a cool postcard of my pal's town (she lives above the Artic Circle!!), a cute cat card, bamboo Addis, and cool packaging in the background.

My Wavy Socks:

cuff detail:

(how cute is that "hand made" charm?!)

Bonus slipper socks:

I can't wait for things to cool off enough to wear those slipper socks around the house. As if this wasn't impressive enough, she dyed the yarn herself. The blue is a great heathered color that really works well with the texture of the Wavy Socks. I really love them--thank you Jaana!

My hubby is very jealous but at least I can share the tea with him.

{happy feet dance}
Where have I been?

This pretty much sums up last week.

Before that, well, how do you balance work, life, and crafting? Apparently my crafting falls at the bottom of the list and blogging is below that. Driving 1.5 hrs each way to work is really exhausting. I know you're tired of hearing it, but it means all I want is to sit on the couch, semi-comatose when I get home. I haven't even made a real dinner in weeks.

Since, I was out of town there was (of course) time to knit during the plane ride. I worked on the Sockapalooza 4 socks for my pal. I almost finished sock #2 on the plane ride to MD.

Yeah, that would be me running out of yarn before even doing one repeat of the cuff pattern. Argh!! Now what?! Well, I couldn't do anything while I was out of town but I do have a lovely back-up yarn and pattern. I guess I'll be doing some serious catch-up knitting this weekend. I have already forewarned my pal that her socks are still in progress. Socks or bust-that is the motto for this weekend.

Since the Sockapalooza socks were a no-go, what did I do? Cast on for a new project of course. Inspired by Pam, I started my very own Norberta. (I also ripped out MS3 and started again. I've only gotten through clue 1 so nothing exciting to see there.)