10 February 2006

Secret project unveiled

This would have been posted days ago except that I was waylayed by headaches and migraines. For those of you who know the difference and share in the suffering, my deepest sympathies. The past week has been spent doing little more than laying around, avoiding bright light, taking various pain relievers, and a very small amount of knitting. (As an aside, when you are a stay-at-home-wife and are incapable of doing housework, it is amazing how much dust and laundry accumulate when you're not looking.)

Anyway, back to the exciting knitting at hand. I was able to test knit the "Jessica" pattern for Katydid. I saw the finished purse right before it was given away. I had to have it. I don't know if it was the bright pink holding me in its spell, stylish shaping, or if it was the fun furriness of the whole thing. (Yes, fun furriness is a real thing. Never thought I would succumb to it though...) Below you will see the cool pre-felting pic.

Since I did the felting today, it will probably be another day or so before I have the finished object available for your perusal. This bag will be for my niece and I have the navy blue wool ready for the next purse which will be for my other niece. The second purse will be in the blue because then it will match her school uniform. Since they both live in much colder climates, the cuteness of the felted purse should get plenty of mileage before the summer months.

Once I'm done with theirs, I can finally make one of my very own. If you take a look at the post below (for 1 Feb.) with all the yarn, the burnt orange color (they claim it is "Paprika" but all you longhorns know differently). Luckily, the purse doesn't take very long to knit up--one can totally be done in a weekend.

Things I have learned from this experience:

1. I apparently am not a very loose knitter--I had to go up to size 15 needles to get the right gauge

2. my washer hits the spin cycle in under 20 minutes (must set the timer for 10 minute intervals)

3. felting is not difficult now that I have learned #2

4. definitely only put my jeans in the washer, lest the fun furriness get all over hubby's jeans (I'm thinking he won't appreciate the soft pink...)

5. the dust doggies (let's face it there is no bunny here to blame, only a dog that sheds enough to clothe a family of four in about a month's time...) will start forming small armies if you don't keep them under control at least once a week

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