21 September 2006


I had a really great yarn exchange with Tesoro from the Knitty Coffeeshop. She graciously took the 10 skeins of hemp/cotton, and in exchange I got these wonderful goodies:

The Takhi Yarns fall/winter 2003 collection, two cakes of a black/burgundy Cascade 220, Lamb's Pride Bulky in Almond Blosson, and in Aubergine. (Sorry the yarns are dark so the color isn't very good but trust me these are great colors.) As a bonus, Tesoro threw in 3 stitch markers using my favorite color, sage green.

My friends, I am a happy camper. This won't come as a surprise to you, but yarn can make just about anything better.

Because I can be a space cadet, I apparently forgot to show you the cool gift I got from my One Skein Secret Pal last month. She sent me the cutest clutch:

Now, these are not my usual colors *but* how cute is it? A little pocket that matches the strap, and a personalized tag are all part of the allure of this clutch. Not to mention, it is perfect for my wallet, keys, and cell phone. It has inspired me to think about making my own clutch using a mosaic pattern using the Lamb's Pride yarn, or perhaps some double-knitting a la Twig's hat. I like that cream and aubergine combination and it would make a perfect fall bag.

Because I can't resist, here are the doggies:

My MIL (who loves her grandpuppies) brought them each their own Steelers neckerchief. Yes, "neckerchief" not to be confused with a handkerchief or bandana. My hubby grew up in the Pittsburgh area so they are "Stillers" fans. Personally, I think they look as cute as heck in their matching neckerchiefs.

For those of you interested in doggie daycare, it can be really great. It is extremely physical work, which can be tiring. The owner boards dogs at her home so they are constantly with her. Now, I need some down time, down time that is quiet and allows for some serious vegging on the couch so I don't think I'm cut out to have my own doggie daycare. (You may want to forgo the boarding but it is my understanding that this is a significant source of income.) However, unlike your human co-workers, the dogs are always happy to see you. They can be very sweet and can immediately boost your energy. The tough part is when they get competitive and maybe a little too rough.

Exhibit A:

(Please ignore the unattractive stretch marks. I grew quickly when I was about 10, and then apparently stopped.)
This is what happens when you pull two dogs apart who are quickly escalating past playing. I grabbed one dog by the collar and before my co-worker could grab the other dog, the loose dog nipped the dog I had by the collar, and when that dog whipped his head around to retaliate, he got my knee instead. Luckily, I did have him by the collar so he couldn't get his head all the way around and I was wearing long pants so his teeth didn't nick me. Two seconds later, the dog who got me was trying to lick me. The beauty of living in the moment, the dog was back to his usual happy self. What can I say, you can't stay mad at them when they look at you with all that devotion.


twig said...

How cute are the pups? I love the way they lay in matching positions!

Trillian42 said...

Yay Steeler fan puppies!!! So cute!

And yikes! That's a heck of a bruise!

may said...

ooh, that's a lovely trade...indeed yarn can make EVERYTHING better!

everytime i see pics of knitbloggers' greyhounds I can't wait to get one for me! such a cute pic...