20 August 2008

Eye of the Storm

You ever wonder where you fellow bloggers live? Well, from now on when I tell people where I live, they'll actually know. Unfortunately, they'll know all about "Melbourne, FL" because tropical storm Fay has been sitting over us for the last 36 hours or so. Thankfully, we are safely nestled away in our home with our storm shutters down over the windows. We only lost power briefly this morning and my DH finally figured out what was wrong with my internet connection so we're good. The only time we leave is to let the dogs out. There is some flooding of nearby roads so we can't get out of our community but our actual road is OK.

It also means lots of time for knitting. I'll be done soon with the body for my Licorice Whip (take 2). Depending on whether or not I'm tired of it, I may go back to working on the socks for my FIL or get started on the sleeves right away. I have some other things to share so as soon as it clears up long enough to take some pictures, I'll share.

ETA: DH just found out work is cancelled for tomorrow too because of all the clean-up and residual flooding tomorrow. Unfortunately, they also announced the make-up days-he'll be working a few weekends but that's better than taking unnecessary risks on the road. I hope everyone is safe.


Hugeness said...

Yay that you guys are ok. I was trying to decide how to find out because I don't think I have a good cell phone number for you and I figured your internet wasn't working either. So, thanks for posting this and letting us know.

twig said...

Glad to hear you weathered the storm ok. My family is in Pensacola and my mom said they were getting a lot of rain from it this weekend. Fay is bound and determined to drown all of Florida.