11 December 2014

Trying to find my sewing self

So, The Sewing Party was awesome. I really appreciate that I can go back and watch the different presentations for a full 90 days after the fact. There is hope that I can actually get one of the projects done in that time. Some of the things that I found more interesting were things that I had not even thought about "attending" beforehand.

I had high hopes that I could finish at least one thing before the actual event but I only got as far as cutting out the pieces for the Grainline Lakeside Pajamas in a cotton voile I got from Fabric Mart. Of course, once I cut them out, I realized that it is way too sheer. I will have to line them. I keep thinking I'll get to it but then I don't. I wanted some cotton batiste but the big box stores around here don't carry it. I should just order some but then there's the issue of paying for shipping which leads me down the rabbit hole of putting more fabric in my cart. Because if you can get free shipping with at least $50, guess who is going to wind up with $75 worth of stuff in her shopping cart?

I really liked the post by Did You Make That where she discusses how fabric buying offers its own creative fulfillment. When I moved for my husband's job, I didn't have a job and I maybe bought enough yarn to last me the rest of my natural life. For more prolific knitters, its probably not that bad but it is for me. I have plastic bins under my queen sized bed, the guest bed and then there are some bags with half-finished projects. Again, with the kids, I have very limited time to knit (or crochet) and quite honestly, its pretty hard to pick up and put down projects quickly.

I'm trying not to do same thing with fabric so that I have a stash and basically no projects to show for it. First, I don't have the room--now that I have two kids, all my closet space is taken. Second, I really want to make sewing something that I actively do rather than just fantasize about. Of course, I'm finding out that I usually forget all the notions that I need. With only one big box store in the area adn no other fabric stores, it limits what I can easily get. Also, since I'm not experienced at sewing or how different fabrics behave, I worry about buying the "right" things.

Anyone want to become my mentor and/or fabric buying guide? Because some of these websites have fabulous looking options but it is overwhelming.

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