02 August 2006

The latest (and not so much the greatest)

For those of you keeping track, the Alene camisole has been frogged. After I blocked and seamed the top portion of the camisole, I realized that it was way too big. Although Trillian noted that I could probably block it smaller, it would have meant that it would stretch out way too much once I wore it. Seeing as how it was supposed to be a flirty camisole, that would not have worked. I still want to make it but I haven't been able to bring myself to cast on again.

I'm knitting along on the current WIPs but nothing is really grabbing me so I'm only making the most minimal progress. I'm totally itching to start something new but I'm afraid that it could spell trouble for the current projects. Because I've got quite a queue of projects, I want to actually finish some things before I start new ones. Then I saw Eunny's contribution for the winter IK, and now I know I need to get moving on that list because I totally want to make it for me. (Anyone know where I can start stocking up on Jamieson's Spindrift/Jumper weight wool in preparation for this project?)

On a side note, I like to cruise around the knitting blogs. This post by Crazy Aunt Purl cracked me up. Hubby's been saying "snakes on a plane" at random times just to get me to laugh.


twig said...

Condolences on the camisole. But you know you did the right thing.

That sweater (Eunny's) from what I can tell from the pictures will be gorgeous. I love fair isle. I just would rather pull out my fingernails instead of actually knitting fair isle. Where is Samantha Stevens when you need her?

may said...

Oh wow! eunny's sweater looks amazing! I might have to wade through (and actually finish!) some of my ufos (i think it's in the 2 digits!) in preparation for that!