17 August 2006


As the deadline for the One Skein Secret Pal nears, I felt like I really needed to just focus on the Dream Swatch project. Unfortunately, once I got the hang of crossing the stitches, the pattern got a little...well, boring. Now don't get me wrong, I think the finished product is pretty cool and the bamboo yarn was lovely. However, its a long time to be repeating the same six rows, not to mention its only 30 stitches wide so it was hard to get into a real knitting rhythm before it was time to cross stitches again. I would make this again but I would probably vary the rows of stockinette and possibly the number of stitches that get crossed.

Here it is blocking:

That's right, it is the same length as the queen size bed (aka blocking board). It really does look very pretty, here's a close-up:

Now, some time ago I mentioned getting some hemp/cotton yarn from a coop. After doing some swatching and looking at patterns, nothing is calling to me. I bought this from the coop because they needed more people to buy yarn to make the purchasing minimums. Its not really next-to-the-skin soft and most people have been making market bags out of it. However, its not really what I wanted so I'm hoping to trade it for something else.

Pics of the 10 skeins up for trade, each skein is 4 oz, 250 yds:

One skein was used for swatching, I am happy to include that bit of yarn as well since you can then undo it and re-knit to figure out your own gauge. (I think I got about 4.5 stitches per inch on size 8 needles.) It is the hemp/cotton yarn from Hemp Traders in natural. The color in the picture is a little washed out because its overcast outside. (Genny is already in hiding in preparation for the thunderstorm that is threatening.) The color in this swatch is a little better.

Oh yeah, remember that poncho I started for my niece? Apparently, ponchos are out so I frogged it and am going to use the yarn to test out the pattern for the Box-Lace Shawl from Folk Shawls. It is an acrylic yarn so I'm thinking this will be used as a throw. If its cute enough after its done, it might still go to one of the nieces for Christmas. I'll post a pic once I have more than two rows of garter stitch.

For your viewing pleasure, I leave you with a few cute photos of the doggies.

Genny and Cam laying down on the same bed after I told them it was time for bed.

Genny in her favorite safe place, peaking out from under the bed:


twig said...

The Dream Swatch may have ended up being a boring knit, but it sure did end up as a pretty FO. I have some cashmerino that may look nice in that pattern. Hmmmm....

How in the world did Genny fit under there? Gotta love big brave dogs. I have one of those, too.

chamomile said...

Beautiful Dream Swatch! I just love the colour. I hope you didn't have much of that poncho to frog! I'm sure a shawl will be lovely, though.

may said...

I really love the FO! Love the color, pattern and yarn (I've never tried bamboo...it looks like it has a great sheen though!)

and of course I'm a sucker for doggies :)