27 March 2007


I finished the thumb on the Endpaper Mitts (pic to follow at some later date) and am almost done with the pattern repeats on the palm section. Although I'm excited to be in the home stretch, I can't knit. I don't know what I did but the ganglion cyst on my left hand is acting up. Its a problem I frequently had in college but it hasn't bothered me in years. My dad has the same condition and when I was little I used to ask why he had a big lump on the back of his hand and he would say that I bit him when I was little. He eventually had to have surgery to remove the cyst.

Even typing this hurts so holding needles is out of the question. For those who are not squeamish: when I curve my fingers as with typing or holding needles, I can feel the tendons slide over the ganglion cyst and it causes some pain. I'm not sure if the cyst is causing pressure on the tendon or vice versa. Some ibuprofen and rest should help, but it may be a few more days before any progress can happen. meh.

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twig said...

OUCH! Goodness I hope it settles down soon.

If the ibuprofen doesn't work, try vodka.