18 May 2007

New toy & new FO

OK, its still a few months before my birthday but since its a combination gift, I got my present early.

Its a gently used Pfaff ClassicStyle Quilt 2027. Its definitely more expensive than I had imagined when I requested a sewing machine. However, since this was a present, hubby wanted to make sure it would be a good long-term investment in a machine that could last a lifetime. Plus, its just technical enough to even interest him. The place where I purchased the machine had great customer service (I went several times to play with the machines on display). They also offer a nice community setting, meaning that they have get-togethers for sewers in the area, free help with sewing projects (since I bought my machine there), and monthly potlucks in addition to a nice selection of classes.

Now, I've never actually used a sewing machine before. I followed the manual to get all set up and I purchased some practice fabric (some $1/yd stuff that is a little scary). With my various work-trips this week, I had not had time to play with the machine. My in-laws came to visit on Wed. and my MIL loved it. She was talking about how I could now make curtains for my house (something I've been talking about doing since we moved here). I told her my plans: practice with the fabric, take a class and in a few months, I can tackle my living room curtains. Pshaw, she said. We went to a fabric store, bought some fabric and matching thread and with her overseeing the project, set out to make new bathroom curtains. It was fun and it was a really good bonding experience with my MIL.

This IDT technology that feeds the fabric from the top and bottom takes some getting used to but I made the curtains without using a single pin, just iron things in place and stick it on the machine. Some of that, of course, was possible because I used a cotton fabric rather than something more sheer or slippery but it was rather freeing.

For a first project, I'd say they're pretty decent.

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