17 July 2007

Do I know you? or do you know me?*

Knottygnome has me thinking, do I really know you? I feel like I do but the reality is that I probably don't. You probably have a feel for my personality given my discussions of knitting progress (or lack thereof) and various memes. You actually know lots of random things about me that people I see and speak with more often might not know. (Because, really, when would these random things come up?) I know I censor my content because I don't want to get too personal here. Its not bad, but just made me think others probably do the same. So, are we friends...? Maybe but then again maybe not. In this day and age when people talk about the way that technology can isolate people, it also brings them together in new and complex ways.

Now for what you really want, some knitting news. First, the madness that is Mystery Stole 3. I started out strong, printed my first two charts and had almost made it through Clue 1 when realized that I forgot some beads way back at the beginning.

You probably can't see in the picture, but trust me there are 2 missing beads. It is bugging the crap out of me. I have basically left the stole alone because the thought of ripping back is really annoying. (I know, I could probably duplicate stitch them in later or something but it will bug me, plus I don't think it would look good with this yarn/bead combo. It would really piss me off later if I could see where I added the beads after the fact during blocking so its probably best to just go ahead and re-do it since its still just Clue 1.) We are going out of town next week and I'm hoping to have lots of knitting time (plane rides and a few long car rides) so I'll hopefully be caught up by the end of the month.

Sockapalooza socks appear to have no progress.

Trust me that heel has been knit so many times, its not funny. The yarn is holding up like a champ, though. I think I finally have a heel (courtesy of Widdershins) that works. (Thanks Pam & Twig for your comments!) Unfortunately, given my tight knitting to get gauge, apparently my row gauge is off. I started the heel about 3.5 inches from the finished size I wanted and it was too small. In a fit, I ripped it all out again. The sock was banished to some waste yarn and I started sock #2.

What you don't see a second sock in that picture? Yeah, that would be because I cast on the wrong number of stitches when I started (18 instead of 20). I didn't notice until I had done all the increases for the toe and then realized that the total number of stitches was off by 2. Now, if these had been for me, I would have fudged it. *But* these are not, they are for some knitter out there who is looking forward to receiving my best effort. Is faking it really my best effort? Nope. Off to the frog pond for sock #2.

Since I have family coming into town tomorrow (um, yeah, I found out yesterday they'd be here), and I still have work and we're going out of town on Sat., there won't be any more blogging this week. However, given all the travel (and the impending deadline), I hope to have finished socks by the end of all the travel next week.

*I apparently am already suffering from senior moments because I wrote this on 7/17/2007 but forgot to actually upload it. Duh.

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