04 August 2007

Where have I been?

This pretty much sums up last week.

Before that, well, how do you balance work, life, and crafting? Apparently my crafting falls at the bottom of the list and blogging is below that. Driving 1.5 hrs each way to work is really exhausting. I know you're tired of hearing it, but it means all I want is to sit on the couch, semi-comatose when I get home. I haven't even made a real dinner in weeks.

Since, I was out of town there was (of course) time to knit during the plane ride. I worked on the Sockapalooza 4 socks for my pal. I almost finished sock #2 on the plane ride to MD.

Yeah, that would be me running out of yarn before even doing one repeat of the cuff pattern. Argh!! Now what?! Well, I couldn't do anything while I was out of town but I do have a lovely back-up yarn and pattern. I guess I'll be doing some serious catch-up knitting this weekend. I have already forewarned my pal that her socks are still in progress. Socks or bust-that is the motto for this weekend.

Since the Sockapalooza socks were a no-go, what did I do? Cast on for a new project of course. Inspired by Pam, I started my very own Norberta. (I also ripped out MS3 and started again. I've only gotten through clue 1 so nothing exciting to see there.)


twig said...

Norberta is cute.

How in the world do you survive such a long commute? That would drive me NUTS.

twig said...

oopsie. Post wrong link for my blog above. *sigh*