19 April 2008

We have a winner!

It took a while to get to the goal, but we finally have a winner for the Coral Shock sock yarn. Congratulations to Christine! (She also just signed up the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk so go on over there and show her some love.)

This means that we'll be ready for the next yarn. In the opposing corner we have

Desert Song
coming in at 1250 yards
made of 50% silk and 50% merino
the opponents don't stand a chance

Desert Song

A little closer so you can see how yummy this yarn and the colors are:
Desert Song

I think I'll change the rules a little to maybe make it easier for everyone. We'll approach this like an internet drawing: for every $1 you donate, you get a "chance" (since this is all virtual, you won't get a physical ticket). For every $5 you get 6 chances to win. This time, we'll shoot for just an accumulated total of $50. Sound good?

Like last time, email me at betzig AT gmail DOT com (delete spaces and change to appropriate punctuation) and/or comment on this post when you make a donation so I know to put you down for the drawing.


Sharon Rose said...

I made a $5 donation. Three cheers to you for doing this!
Sharon Rose

Jane said...

$10 donated towards your great cause! You go!!
Jane Gerds