10 April 2006

Don't look behind that curtain...

It has been quite a while since I posted. This past weekend my in-laws came and they brought my husband's aunt and uncle with them. I was not expecting so many people so I was caught off guard. I've never been much of a hostess so I usually need advance notice to gear up for guests. However, the visit went well and we went to this wonderful restaurant that had the best food. We'll definitely be going there again.

OK, the weekend before we were in the DC area and were able to catch up with friends. It was so much fun to see everyone and just take it easy. Our friends' baby is getting so big (will be 1 in May) and he is so happy all the time. Every parent should be so lucky!

This trip also meant that I got to catch up with Trillian briefly. Her new spinning wheel is way cool, although a little intimidating. I definitely don't think I'm ready to try spinning. Of course, I say that now...who knows what the future holds. I keep trying to convince her to move to Florida and open up a yarn shop with me but so far, no luck. She did, however, gift me with a lovely skein of KnitPick's Shimmer in "Morning Mist", a pretty blue variegated yarn. So I had to buy the latest IK with the Trellis Scarf pattern since it uses just one skein of the KP Shimmer. While I was at Stitch DC, I also purchased a skein of Rowan's Kid Silk Haze in white. I have never used KSH but have noticed that many knitters in the Knitty Coffeeshop are quite pleased with it. (I bought a couple of other yarns but I think I will save those for the One Skein Secret Pal Exchange.)

So here's the yarn, the Shimmer on the left and the Kid Silk Haze on the right:

Did I mention that I picked up the Debbie Bliss Number 3 pattern book while I was there? Yep, that's on the right, next to the IK.

I've also spent some of my "yarn money" on new yarn books. Since the lace bug has bitten me, I got Meg Swanson's "A Gathering of Lace" and Sharon Miller's "Heirloom Knitting"--both fabulous books that make me want to run out and design my own lace shawl.

Because no knitter should be without the wisdom of Elizabeth Zimmerman, I got these two EZ classics:

There had to be more yarn, of course, with the "yarn money" so here is the cashmere from ColourMart. It is exactly like the photo they had on eBay (a combination of pink, taupe, and grey-brown plies) so I'm please with the 2300yds. There will definitely be some lace in my future.

Have I sufficiently distracted you so that you haven't noticed that lack of progress on any of my projects?


twig said...

That's a pretty decent haul! Looks like you're going to be busy planning and knitting.

Jen said...

Glad to see that you got to Stitch DC -- priorities! I haven't used Kid Silk Haze either, but I've heard lots of good things about it.

Sorry I missed you guys when you were up here!

chamomile said...

The Trellis scarf is beautiful. The KSH looks beautiful.