27 April 2006

Not really about knitting

OK, so I've knit, tinked, and knit the same row on the flower basket shawl about 3 times now. (I'm up to 200+ stitches so it takes a while.) First, I thought I screwed up because I was watching tv and just skipped a part. The second time, the first half of the pattern was fine but then the second half ended one stitch too soon. I have tinked back to the beginning and need to count the stitches again and figure out if (a) I can't knit and watch tv at the same time or (b) I just dropped a stitch somewhere along the line. Unfortunately, I've been feeling moody lately so I'm not up for it.

The other two current projects, hubby's sweater and my niece's poncho, just aren't calling to me. I had major startitis this weekend and really just wanted a new project. I started Knitty's ribbon Xback but frogged it after a few rows. Although the ribbon looked very pretty when knit, I didn't have the patience for keeping the ribbon straight while knitting. Even though I adjusted for gauge differences in the ribbon I was using vs. what is in the pattern, I didn't like the way it was going to look on me.

I've finally got my Interlacements shipment (via a yarn coop so I ordered this a while ago). The yarn wasn't quite what I was expecting. I thought it would be more of a solid color but its more heathered than it looked in the photo. Apparently, I also wasn't paying attention to the stated gauge because its heavier than I thought. I wanted it for a summer sweater/cardigan but now I'm not so sure. When I get the camera charged, I'll post a photo for your viewing pleasure.

The only thing that is coming along these days is my idea for a tank top design that I am submitting to Glampyre's contest. I've been rethinking some of the design details but I'm hoping to submit it in the next week or so. I've been obsessing over tank top patterns for the last few weeks and then started thinking that I should design my own. I saw Glampyre's post about having a guest designer so I thought, why not go for it?

Hopefully, there will be more progress for the next post.

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