02 May 2006

Found my mojo

So, my current projects haven't really been holding my attention. Partly because I'm at the point where I've been working on them for a while so the challenge isn't as great. Partly because I've been bummed about my lack of progress on the employment front. I know I should really just enjoy this time but its hard not to feel like somehow I'm wasting it or not being productive (as indicated by income).

First, I had a great conversation with an old friend of mine that has really helped me focus on just listening to the world around me. Perhaps I'm having difficulty finding a job because its not what I should be doing. So, I signed up for a class at the local community college on starting your own business. Looks like that yarn store might be in my future after all...either way, I'm thinking that I'm going to see what I can do about being my own boss.

Second, I found a new and exciting project. The Alene Camisole caught my eye and the pattern is available from the diy network. I recently bought some Tahki Cotton on eBay and it is almost the right gauge. I'm off by half a stitch but if I make the next size up, it should be about right. I figure its cotton, so if I make it tight it will still look OK after some stretching.
Here's the swatch which includes the lace pattern and stockinette:

Pretty, no? This picture was taken after handwashing and laying out flat to dry and then running it through the washer and dryer. The gauge didn't change but there was more curling after the dryer than when I just laid it flat to dry-no big surprise there.

As mentioned in the last post, here are some pics of the Carolina yarn I got from an Interlacements coop:

Can you see the heathered texture of the yarn?

This picture seems closer to the actual color--more of a raspberry color than red. Again, I think it is pretty, just not quite what I was expecting.

For those of you keeping track, here is the current mess of lace that will soon (I hope) be the flower basket shawl.


R2K said...

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chamomile said...

That camisole is so pretty! I bet the colour you chose will turn out lovely! Can't wait to see more...