12 July 2006

The dark side beckoned...

I did most of the ribbing in the picture in one sitting. Again, it doesn't look like much but keep in mind the first inch or so is on size 3 needles and then I moved up to the size 4 for the rest.

As much as I appreciate the speed that I get from the Addis, it seems to hurt my hand to hold the metal needles for so long. In addition, after a few hours of ribbing my right wrist was killing me. Apparently I am not one of those knitters who totally relaxes when she knits. I seem to tense up my arms and back after I've been knitting a while. Before I taught myself to knit Continental, my lower right back (lat muscle) would hurt after a few hours of knitting. Now that I'm not throwing, my wrist hurts. It hurt so much that anything other than minimal movement forward or backward caused great pain. So what did I do? (Let's face it, I have to do something with my hands when I'm watching TV.) I followed the call of the siren, I picked up a *crochet* WIP.

(moment of silence while you digest that)

Here is a baby blanket I started well over a year ago. The pattern is from a collection that I picked up many years ago. (If someone is interested, I can dig up the specs.)

Pretty, no? Of course, the baby for whom this was intended is way too old now but I can finish it and wait to gift it to someone else. Since I move my right wrist more (small circles), it did help to stretch it out and alleviate some of the swelling.

I also got my order of hemp/cotton from Hemp Traders (via a yarn coop). I don't think I like it very much. The yarn looked much smoother in the photos so I'm a little disappointed. It is not plied very tightly and looks like it would lose some of its "fluff" (not sure what the technical term is, "slubs"?) over time. It also has some VM, which isn't a big deal but not great for the summer cardi I was hoping to get out of the yarn. Here's the swatch:

Its growing on me a little but I'm not sure if its enough to want to keep it. Since I purchased this yarn through a coop, I can't return it. I'm thinking I might swap it.

To leave you with a little yarnography, here's the new hemp yarn from Elann that I ordered in Desert Sand and Antique Blue. So yummy...


twig said...

I'm lucky that I don't have pains or aches from knitting. Maybe your wrist just isn't used to continental yet.

Trillian42 said...

Ooh, the colors on that hemp! I must find a pattern for that!

Take it easy on those wrists - you don't want to do permanent damage! I sometimes find that changing to a project on a different needle size will help, too.

chamomile said...

The baby blanket is cute! As for the wrists, as hard as it sounds, maybe you need a knitting break for a couple of days? I've found in the past half year or so that I've been getting a tingling sensation in the base of my left thumb every once in awhile from knitting. Carpal tunnel? Who knows? But it dissipates after a short break..