05 July 2006

Progress report

Sorry, but this will be a picture free report today. I've been working on hubby's sweater. Since a picture of about 2 inches of ribbing is not so exciting, I'll wait until its further along to post a pic.

I was going to do the bottom for the Alene camisole in the round without the open front as in the original pattern. Once I started thinking about it, I decided I didn't like the idea but still didn't like the open front. In keeping with the flirty lace, I've decided to do the bottom so that there are openings on the sides; less obvious than an opening down the front but in keeping with the attitude of the pattern. I'll post when I have at least one pattern repeat. I think I figured out the math to make it work but I've been wrong before.

I still haven't started the shrug for my MIL and we're going to see them this weekend so I better get cracking. No joke, when she has called she asked how its coming along--definitely need to have something in hand for the weekend. Yeah, just what you want to see more stockinette stitch--almost as racy as the ribbing.

Despite the current WIPs, I want to start new ones. However, hubby is actually starting to question my sanity in getting so much yarn so I need to start churning out some FOs. Oh yeah, did I mention I succumbed and bought more yarn? I got the new Elann Canapone 100% hemp yarn in Warm Sand and Antique Blue. I *really* need to stop buying yarn (I know, I've stated this before). My current stash (in the plastic bins) is starting to spill out. Some of it is old acrylic yarn for baby blankets so I need to either make some blankets or give it away. I'll have to catalogue my stash in the near future, but on a day when hubby won't see...He normally doesn't care about my yarn spending but since I mentioned wanting to attend Stitches East, he's been a little twitchy...


chamomile said...

Hi, Thanks for leaving the comment for me the other day. I really appreciated it. I undeleted my blog but have set it up at a new url which you can find at my old page. I've just been having a bad few days and received a really negative comment on my blog from someone and I just felt I couldn't handle it anymore. I'm not sure when I'll post again, but I will start soon, so I hope you continue to visit me!

Thanks for all the encouragement that you give all of the time - it means a lot.

twig said...

Put valium in your hubby's morning coffee each morning as Stitches East gets closer. He'll twitch less. *laugh*

betzig said...

Twig, you are too funny! I explained its not until November and that he can come with me so he's feeling more mellow. Of course, he won't be attending the events, just hanging out with friends.