25 July 2006

ssslow progresss

We were out of town the last few days. I got a chance to see Trillian and some friends. We had a great time hanging out in VA for a long weekend. I took a couple of projects with me and worked on hubby's sweater and the crocheted baby blanket. No pics of that, just a few more inches of ribbing and a few more rounds on the blanket so not really worthy of photographing at this point. I'm trying to remain faithful to a few projects at a time in order to get my WIPs under control. I'm also hoping that this will help curb my desire for new yarn since I can't start new projects. Mostly.

I did start the one skein project for my secret pal. I bought this really pretty bamboo yarn and am making the Dream Swatch head wrap. I figure she could also use it as a belt if she wanted or let her daughter have it, or frog it and make something else. I've seen lots of recommendations for home decor projects but I really think that the gift should be for the person in question, not for the house. (I know that I don't usually like gifts for the house as gifts for me unless I specifically asked for said gifts.) The pattern isn't hard but the elongated stitches are a little hard to keep under control. I'm also thinking that the solid color perhaps does not lend itself to the additional interest of the variegated yarn used in the pattern. I'll keep going and see how I feel about it after a few more repeats. What do you think?

As for the crazy title, look what we saw outside our pool shed the day before we left town:

Its a rat snake, generally non-aggressive and not venomous. Its got great coloring and we were a little sad that we didn't see it when we came home. This makes the third type of snake we have come across since living here (the other two being a legless lizard and a black racer that managed to get into the house).


twig said...

I like the solid color. The design looks really complicated.

chamomile said...

I also like the solid colour, and love the one you chose. Although I'm no fan, I've got to say that snake has got some beautiful colouring too!

How is your wrist by the way? Hope it's feeling better.

Becky said...

I like how it looks in the solid color. I think the design looks nice all on its own!