11 November 2006

On a roll, babee

OK, in my excitement to show you the yarn from my trip, I forgot to show you the awesome gifts that Pam made for me. First, what looks like a bracelet is actually a row counter. I love it. I think it works better than the row counters I've bought because once you get used to moving the beads over, it takes very little time. In my experience, using the plastic row counter you attach to your needle is hard to advance without using both hands. I've also been known to use pencil and paper, but again that takes a little more time (and isn't nearly as pretty).

Isn't she a great friend? The second strand is a pattern row counter. You use it like a stitch marker but when you move to the next row in a pattern you use the next opening in the strand. Genius, no? These are based on Cristi's now famous technique. These are a little too small for my current projects but they are such a great idea that I'm sure they will make a debut when it is time for some lace knitting.

I also took a picture of the SWS in Natural Denim. I haven't started the Fuzzy Feet for me but will soon. Considering it can be done in a mere weekend, it will definitely be done before it gets cold enough to use them here in FL.

When I was at the store, I also picked up a little Microspun by Lion Brand. (I was hoping to score some of the newly released Cotton Ease but this stuff is also very soft and washer/dryer safe.) I know, I need more yarn like I need a hole in my head. However, this little skein is very important. It is destined to become a hat for a very special cause. Pam is trying to collect 198 hats by the end of November to commemorate the 198 days that Alex was alive. (Read the blog dedicated to him for some background and if you are a member of the Knitty board look for more details in the "knitalongs" section.) I've never made a baby hat before, but I made Fuzzy Feet so apparently I rule with dpns. (OK, I've probably angered the knitting goddess but it is for a good cause so maybe she will take pity on me.)

For those of you who are looking for a quick project, please think about contributing to this cause. String Bean has made a pattern specifically for this cause and you can find it here.

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