30 November 2006

Hats and lace

I've been busy with the part-time job and looking for full-time work. It is actually quite exhausting physically so there has only been minimal knitting at casa de stitchcounter.

First, I made another hat (preemie-sized) for the Hats for Alex using the Microspun I had left over from the first baby hat. (Its going in the mail today.)

If anyone can tell me what kind of plant that is, I would really appreciate it.

I have started A Wide Triangle from Victorian Lace Today. I was chugging along while I waited at the mechanic's. (The beads are from one of the big-box stores, just some glass beads in a coffee color.)

Please forgive the crappy looking patio furniture in the background. I am even making it out of the same yarn, same color as the one in the book. One thing I have noticed about these patterns (in addition to how gorgeous they are) is that the yarns used are easily found and not terribly expensive. I have no doubt that I'll be making more of these lace shawls.

Unfortunately, I came across a knot in the yarn. First, I tried to just knit a few stitches holding both ends together but decided that looked too bulky. Then I tried to weave in the ends while I continued knitting. Again, it looked too bulky when I would pull to get a sense of how it would look when I blocked it. I decided this was the perfect excuse to try a Russian join.

My join isn't as neat as Eunny's but its not too bad. Its a little easier to see if you click on it. I did need hubby to help by placing the second strand across the first.

It is hardly noticeable in the knitting itself:

I'll wait to see if those little ends are noticeable once it is washed and blocked. The yarn shouldn't bloom very much but I won't mess with it until the very end since I assume that area is pretty fragile. I was so focused on making sure I didn't pull the yarn too hard or mess up the join somehow, I missed a YO.

Now I'm going to attempt some lace surgery a la S. Kate (who does not appear to have a blog but is featured in this Yarn Harlot entry). Wish me luck!

Although there haven't been many FOs, my knitting has definitely improved since I started this blog a year ago.


Trillian42 said...

Woo hoo!!! Your shawl looks awesome!

twig said...

The shawl looks wonderful. But don't do the surgery!!! There's not enough wine in the world to live through that! *laugh*

Anonymous said...

The shawl looks great! Love the colour. That join looks super hard - don't think I could do that!