09 November 2006


So, I knew before I started that I would have to watch the SWS closely during the felting process. Pam had warned me, the kind souls on the Knitty board cautioned SWS users about its quick-felting properties. I even set the timer for 15 mins. intervals. After the first 15 minutes, nothing, there wasn't even a hint of felting. Although the second 15 min. interval fell in the middle of eating (so I was a little late removing it from the machine), I don't think that was the problem. Seriously, these Fuzzy Feet shrunk really fast. The colors still look fabulous and I'm hoping that these will fit one of our nephews or nieces so they can find a happy home.

Aren't the colors lovely?

Here's a picture which includes my shoe for context:

Ain't no way that was going to fit.

I already purchase more SWS in the Natural Denim colorway (3 skeins this time just to be safe) to make another pair for me. Given the rate of shrinkage from the unfelted to felted version of the Fuzzy Feet, I'll have to make each one about 14.5 inches. Won't those look silly pre-felting?

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twig said...

Oops. Just a *little* too short for your foot. *laugh*

But they are gorgeous.