09 December 2006

Joys of technology

After consulting the good folks on the Knitty boards, I have been able to upload my spreadsheet (in the sidebar) without having to pay for server space. woo hoo! Why did I bother? Well, I have joined the Victorian Lace Today knitalong and was already thinking about what I would want to do next. You may remember that I have that lovely Blue Moon Rio yarn that is begging to become a shawl. I was going through the book and putting little tabs in all the patterns that would possibly work (yardage being the key factor) and decided to just put all the info into a spreadsheet instead. Since I was already at it, I figured why not do it for all the patterns? Now, I can easily see what patterns would be possible fits for some of the yarn in my stash.

For those of you with the book, you are welcome to download the spreadsheet and see what yarns you have that may work. (Of course, you could also use it to help build a shopping list.)

I've been keeping very busy with the part-time work at doggie daycare and searching for some additional work to supplement the income. I have a lead but its not definite...keep your fingers crossed for me.


chamomile said...

Good luck with the job hunt! I hope the lead turns out.

Sande Francis said...

Tag- YOUR'RE IT! Well, not really IT, but part of a game that may turn out to be more than than it seems. :) Please read my blog for all the details. sandeleh-fiber.blogspot.com

Karen said...

Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to put together that spreadsheet for the Victorian Lace Today book. I love the book but it is so poorly organized, it drives me nuts! Your spreadsheet will be a great help.