05 December 2006

Initial surgery a success
...but follow-up required more drastic measures

This will be a quick, picture-free post today. First, I went ahead and dropped down the two stitches back to the place where I had missed a YO. Since I have this project on Denise needles, I was able to just take the needles off the ends and put in those stoppers so that the stitches not in use would not slip off. Then I used smaller dpns, either a size 3 or 4 I don't remember, to knit back up. It was a little difficult to make three stitches where there had only been two before, but with the help of a very small crochet hook, I was able to do it. Unfortunately, as I looked at my work, victorious in my first knitting surgery, I also realized that there was no corresponding picot edge. doh! I must have been on auto-pilot and not realized what side I was on when I knit that row initially. So, despite my best efforts, I had to rip back the 10+ rows including the row with the Russian join. The join did not look good after the ripping but I added a little more twist and knit it very gently so I hope it will be OK in the long run. Since the part where the two strands were joined actually looked OK, I think the overall strength is probably fine. (It was just the ends of the join where it twisted back on itself that had loosened.)

Now, I'm back to where I was before so my progress picture looks like last time only without the mistake in it.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a complicated learning experience - congrats on your patience! I'm not so skilled in that department :)