31 December 2006

Knitting in 2007

I don't make New Year's Resolutions because they never seem to stick. I like the idea of reviewing my personal growth at the end of the year but if I need to make changes I am more likely to stick to it after January. (I know, I'm weird. I feel like there is too much pressure to make a change after the 1st. It seems more relaxing to mull over what I have found out about myself throughout Jan. and then decide if I want to make a concerted effort to change something.) However, I would like to set some knitting goals for 2007 and figured those could be my "resolutions".

1. Finish at least one of hubby's sweaters (probably the Leo since its the closest to being done)
2. Make a scarf for my best friend J in Boston (preferably by Feb. but since he has signed a contract to stay in Boston for another year, I've got some time)
3. Finish the Andi cardi that I promised to my friend (um yeah, we live in Florida and if its not done by the end of Jan. I'm toast since she won't be able to use it)
4. Make a stole for my mom (remember that Domovi shawl that just never reappeared on the blog, yeah I need to get back to that)
5. Make at least one EZ pattern (I'm thinking either the baby sweater in Knitter's Almanac or the saddle sweater in Knitting Without Tears)
6. Use the yarn I bought at Stitches East so I can justify buying more at the next Stitches
7. Knit at least two things for charity

I did finish the Wide Triangle from VLT but I don't like the way it blocked out. I'll show you pics next time and you'll understand. Also, I somehow started the Alpine Lace shawl...I'm hoping to have it ready to gift to my close friend who is getting married in Feb. Pics of that next time too.

May the new year bring you health, happiness, and yummy yarn!


twig said...

Wow, you're going to have a busy 2007 as far as knitting goes.

Tell your friend she picked a great month to get married. My husband and I also got married in February -- on leap day.

Happy New Year.

chamomile said...

I like your take on resolutions as more of a personal review. Good luck with all that knitting! I hope 2007 is a great and happy year for you!