09 April 2007

Bound to happen

OK, I weighed finished mitt #1. It came in at a healthy 22g. I weighed the remaining skeins, 27g, with 13g of Yellow Ochre and 15g of Peacock. Of course, I did not weigh the skeins when I first got them, simply assumed that I got the 25g on the ball band. So I should be good, right?

(I think mitt #2 looks longer because I haven't stretched it out width-wise by modeling it.)

What's wrong with this picture?

Yep, that's about a foot of yellow ochre left and the whole ribbing left to go. I was concerned early on that this pattern used more yellow than peacock but thought that with more than half of the yellow ochre to go, I would be OK.

Actually, I was concerned that I wouldn't have enough when I finished the first mitt and toyed with changing the color scheme. What I did not show you was my attempt to make the mirror-image of mitt #1. I got through the first repeat of Chart A when I decided it wasn't going to work. First, the colors didn't look as sharp, you know what I mean? Second, and more important in my decision to frog, the peacock is ever-so-slightly thicker. I imagine this has something to do with the dyeing/heathering of the yellow ochre vs. the peacock. Although I can't get a photo to show this difference, it became very apparent when I did 14 rows of ribbing in the peacock. It looked like I had used a heavier yarn or done more repeats. So, I went back to the original color scheme.

I'm thinking about taking out the last few rows of the ribbing on mitt#1 and then finishing with a strip of the peacock. That should give me enough of the yellow to start the ribbing on mitt #2 and then finish off with a strip of the peacock so that they match. I've also toyed with undoing the bottom ribbing of both and redoing them in peacock since that part of the mitt probably won't show as much as the top portion. Thoughts, suggestions, preferences?

FYI, undoing the sewn-off cast-off is a huge pain. At least the yarn made it through all the pattern repeats, right? I wove in the ends while I was knitting so undoing more than one row is also a real pain. Next time I'll show you the insides, I think it looks cool.


twig said...

OH NO! I think your plan of dealing with the top ribbing is the way I would go.

They look so nice! I hope that will give you enough of the yellow to finish them off.

may said...

ditto what twig said...

it's looking amazing!