31 March 2008

Actual FO!

I have actually made the effort to squeeze in some knitting time. I didn't take the time to photograph it at the beginning but here is an actual FO, some Red Dwarf socks for me.

Pattern: Red Dwarf socks
Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino
Needles: 2 size 4 circulars (did them 2 at a time)

Notes: After being disappointed by this yarn in terms of yardage, I was glad that it was enough to finish these socks. Although, I had to do 4 repeats of the fishtail lace and only 3 garter ridges because I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough yarn to do the 6 repeats and 5 garter ridges that the pattern specifies. (In the end, I had about 6 grams of yarn left from one skein but only 1 gram of yarn from the other skein.) I also find the bindoff a little tight. I did the bindoff with size 6 needles (after doing them on the size 4 needles the first time) so its not too bad *but* it is a little tough to get the cuff over the heel. Once the socks are on, there is no problem and the bindoff looks good with the garter ridge edge so I left it as is. (Considering I wove in the plies separately, there is no way I'm re-doing the bindoff again.)

I'm supposed to be in the Maryland area for MDS&W and I will finally meet, in person, the lovely sock designer herself, Cristi.


turtlegirl76 said...

Yay! I can't wait to meet you! The socks look great! I love the colorway you chose for them. =)

Trillian42 said...

They look fab!!!

And I can't wait for MDS&W!!! We're going to have such fun!

twig said...

Love the socks!