26 January 2006

Knitting Toys

My ball winder arrived today. Woo-hoo! I got it at 50% off. Of course, after P&H it wasn't as great a deal but in total it was still less than the original price. Now I just have to keep checking back for a similar sale on a swift...its hard to make full use of the ball winder without the swift.

OK, so I've been looking over my stash. No doubt its not on par with others' but its still substantial for me. Not to mention, I have projects in mind for pretty much all of it. Now that I'm back to knitting (just have to watch that I don't tense up my back), I have enough projects to last me through at least the next six months. Sooo, I'm going to join many others in starting my yarn diet. That is to say that I will resist all the soft, fluffy, yummy yarns out there for at least the next six months. ugh. The only exceptions (there have to be exeptions) are: Interlacement's Carolina yarn from my yarn co-op, a swift (ok, so its not yarn but I'm trying to be thorough), yarn for gifts (not really the huge loop-hole it sounds like since I tend to mostly knit for just me), and any yarn that is at least 50% off (c'mon, how can anyone resist a sale price like that!).

Let's see if I can actually stick to that....

Next time, I should have a pic of the snowdrop shawl-I'm up to the last 20 rows or so of the main part. I'll need to take a break and enjoy it before I get frustrated with the edging. I've never picked up stitches so I'm hoping it goes smoothly. (Famous last words...)

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