16 June 2006

Some people juggle baby geese*

First, I want to thank my One Skein SP for sending me a very pretty ball of alpaca yarn. I have never knit with alpaca before but I have heard many wonderful things about it. I'm thinking it will eventually be a scarf or something along those lines. Thank you again, KitchenChick!

My passionate affair with the shrug has ended. It is done. I finished the seaming and weaving in the ends yesterday. It fits OK, its my first shrug ever so it may just be that I should have seamed up the sleeves a little higher so it fits more snugly. I'm thinking it may be a good movie theater accessory since I always get cold at the movies. Below is a picture of the shrug on a chair with the lovely alpaca from my SP.

I missed the part where I was supposed to do one purl row at the beginning to help prevent some of the curling. However, I did the measurements for me taking the curling into account so it falls right at my wrists where it should be. Although I'm not a fan of the finishing, I do appreciate the neatness of the mattress stitch. See the close-up below, I even managed to match up the increases/decreases.

We're having guests this weekend so there may not be much progress on the knitting front but it should be fun.

*I've been watching the Firefly series again--that show was so great.


Trillian42 said...

I like it! It's a great color - it's going to be awesome on you.

5 weeks to EdFest!!! Can't wait to see you guys!

Jen said...

Nice work! That's a fantastic color.

Bonus points for use of Firefly quotage. :)