02 June 2006

Tentative progress

OK, I've been chugging along on the back of the Leo sweater for hubby. Sadly, ribbing on size 4 needles moves slowly so its never very exciting for blogging. However, I was bound and determined to finish the back before the weekend so I could justify adding another project to the needles.

What's stopping me? I don't know what to do next. I have followed the instructions but I have never done a sweater in pieces before. The only sweater I have finished was done in the round and the other sweater is still in the UFO pile so I don't understand what this means:

"Reattach yarn and work left shoulder to match right shoulder..."

Below are pics of what I have so far.

The view of all the stitches on some waste yarn:

A close-up of the bound off stitches on the right hand side:

So, where am I supposed to reattach the yarn? Am I supposed to pick up the bound off stitches? Since I can't picture how this next step is supposed to work, I don't know how to proceed.

Never mind, the wonderful knitters at Knitty Coffeeshop pointed out that I missed the instructions right before the shoulder shaping where I should have bound off some stitches for the neckband and should only have been working on the last 35 stitches or so. Guess its a good thing I have all that experience ripping out knitting since I need to frog the last 7 rows.

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