06 June 2006

The whims of a knitter can be so fickle

Apparently, I have problems reading and following directions. I will go back and rip out the 7 rows on hubby's sweater, knit the setup row I overlooked, and be along my merry way. However, I became obsessed with this before I could go back to fix my mistake:

Any guesses? Rows and rows of stockinette...can it be a scarf? a swatch gone wrong?

No, I have become obsessed with making this shrug for me. Of course, its been consistently over 80 degrees (pretty close to 90 degrees actually) for a while and there is no hope that I will even need this until November. Somehow all this information and logic has not slowed down my need to finish this shrug. For those of you wondering, the white string just shows where the decreases ended so that I can be sure that the two sleeves match when I'm done. Of course, if I had been smart, I would have done this in the round and avoided all the seaming later but I think you know the ugly truth, purposely diverging from a written pattern frightens me. (For those of you thinking I was going to admit to being less than smart, well, that may be true as well.)

I can't even begin to explain what motivates my knitting hunger...it just is. After a few more days of endless stockinette, some painful seaming, it should be back to our regularly scheduled knitting (maybe).

1 comment:

chamomile said...

What a beautiful colour!

I'm also a little fearful of not following patterns exactly as they're written!