29 June 2006

It pays to take chances

I got my prize for being one of the winners in Glampyre's contest in the mail. First, I am so impressed at how quickly she got everything out to me. I was hoping for a skein of pretty yarn and instead got all these goodies.

I know, the group shot doesn't really do these items justice. So for your viewing pleasure, here are some close-ups where you can fully appreciate the beauty. The yarn is handpainted bamboo from Pureknits in gorgeous reds, violets, and fushias. (Despite the natural light and the brown tissue paper for contrast, the picture still looks a little too purple and doesn't really show the degree of variation in color.)

How awesome are these buttons from Earthenwood Studio? Obviously, I need to find some wonderful knit top that will be worthy of these babies. (The little black bag was part of the packaging-too cute!)

Handmade stitch markers (3 pairs) from Glampyre herself--aren't they great? I know that the photo doesn't do them justice especially since they are still in the plastic but I was afraid they would blow away or fall into the pool (that would be very bad). These are my very first handmade stitch markers ever. (Can you tell that I am muy impressed?)

The tank top was the first article of clothing I ever sat down to really plan out. I've made original designs for crochet blankets (that's right, I've dabbled with the hook) but never a garment. Just goes to show that taking a chance can really pay off in yarn. (What did you think I was going to say?)


Trillian42 said...

Oh, wow. That is some gorgeous yarn!

And the buttons are too cute!

Jeanette said...

What beautiful yarn!!! I just saw word in my comments that you bought hemp (both from the coop and elann)> its too exciting and I had to write you to find out what colors you ordered from Elann! (yes, I'm a dork and yarn must be all I live for).