02 January 2007

Actual Knitting

As I mentioned, I actually finished the Wide Triangle shawl.

However, I was sloppy in the blocking and look at this:

Where I did the double decreases to get the shaping, it looks like there are two sets of yarnovers. It is really bothering me so I'm going to have to re-block. I think I need to run some thread (I don't have blocking wires) through the border before the yarnovers and then again through the points of the picots so that it will all lay out better. I do like the finished texture, hubby said it reminded him of mesh rather than a knit fabric. I'm hoping to re-block today or tomorrow so I can gift it this weekend. Since we have an actual guest (my little sister), my blocking board is in use and I may have to find an alternative.

Because my fascination with this book has not weened, I immediately cast on for the Alpine Lace shawl using Elann's Canapone (100% hemp) yarn.

The diamond detail:

The plan is to finish this by early Feb. (at this rate that won't be a problem) so I can send it to my friend in time for her wedding. I'm thinking this could be her "something blue" but either way, I think she will like it. It has been surprisingly straightforward and I like that you knit the border as you go along rather than adding it later.


twig said...

Lovely. I can't wait to see it re-blocked. I'll bet it will be even more stunning.

twig said...

Well, have you reblocked it? Huh?

How's life in your neck of the woods? You don't usually leave us this long. It's been 2 weeks!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Nag