16 January 2007

Baby steps

With all the stuff going on around here lately, there hasn't been much knitting. I'm afraid the only knitting time was really on the plane ride back from our NYC trip. (I slept on the way there and was super busy the whole weekend.)

Can you tell that I got to the garter stitch border? I am almost done with the first repeat from Chart B. Obviously, I will need a few more repeats before you can really see the pattern.

I'm making this scarf with the hemp yarn from Elann. So far, the yarn starts out feeling like twine (no big surprise there) but after a while it seems to soften up with the warmth of my hands. There may also be some oils left from the hemp?? I don't know but my fingers do feel a little softer afterwards. I'm making this on Bryspun size 3 circs--I like the needles but hate the join. If I had another size 3 circular needles, I would switch them out in a heartbeat. I think the pattern is pretty visible and will probably only need minimal blocking. I actually don't want this to stretch too much since the recipient is smaller than me. I'm nearing the end of the first ball and I'm thinking there is another Russian join in my future.

I need to do some more knitting so I can have better progress photos.


twig said...

How pretty! I can't believe how well the lace pattern is showing up without blocking.

Anni said...

That's lovely. This is my first project from the book too.