30 January 2007

KADD, check
KADD=knitting attention deficit disorder

OK, last week because of this contract work, I spent about 4 hours driving for about 3 hours of work. (1.5 hrs to get to the client meeting, 2.5 hrs for the meeting, .5 hr to get to my friend's office to meet for lunch,1 hr for lunch, .5 hr to drive back to contract office to meet with my colleague for .5 hr, and then another 1.5 hr drive back home. I can only charge for the 3 hours.) This blew my entire day so I decided I deserved a fiber reward. I stopped at the only LYS near my house. The selection is not ideal but the fact that it mostly has the same yarns as the big box stores means that I can keep from spending too much money.

So, what did I get?

This was in the sale bin and I think it is destined to become a pair of fingerless gloves of some kind. (KnitPicks Merino Style in Strawberry, (50 grams/123 yards each) Since this is a retail store, the sale price is roughly equivalent to what you pay KnitPicks only without the shipping.)

The Wool-Ease is destined to become a quick charity scarf and the Kona Bay Candy was just too pretty to leave behind. Thoughts on what it wants to be? Its 60% merino, 20% rayon, and 20% kid mohair, 50 grams/106 yards.

Apparently, I was having an orange kind of day. However, there was one lonely ball (also in the sale bin) of a green novelty yarn. That's right, novelty yarn called to me. I don't know what its called, its not a ladder yarn or an eyelash yarn--more like little flags of color spaced evenly throughout. Anyway, I decided that the Knitting Fever Spice needed to be an easy scarf. My brain could not handle charts last week.

Anybody recognize this pattern?

That's right, its the same as the center pattern in "Scarf or shawl with center pattern" (pl 16-17) from Victorian Lace Today. With a 2-row repeat, who couldn't relax doing this? I did this on 10.5 needles using just one ball of yarn. However, I think the scarf is too short and too wide so it probably needs to be re-done to be about half the width. I originally cast on 35 stitches so I think the revised scarf should only have about 17 stitches (multiple of 3 + 2). What are the chances I'll actually do this? Hmmm, my track record with do-overs is not great. (No, I have not re-blocked the Wide Triangle shawl yet. Maybe this weekend...)


chamomile said...

What kind of contract work are you doing? I empathize with you for all of that driving you've had to do.

The scarf is gorgeous!

bradyphrenia said...

ooh pretty scarf. i have VLT but i'm scared of it for some reason.