15 January 2007

I fell off but I'm back now

Twig pointed out to me that it has been 2 weeks since I posted. I didn't mean to go so long but we went to NYC the weekend before last and then we had friends in town this past weekend. I know I shouldn't let real life interrupt my knitting but I did. There has been little progress on the Alpine scarf and no other knitting at all the last two weeks. Its hard to concentrate on any knitting when you are surrounded by two sisters, two brothers, one brother-in-law, one nephew, one niece, and the parental units. (Why yes, we did all crash at my parents house. Luckily, since hubby was with me, I managed to avoid having to sleep on the floor.) Needless to say, hubby was completely overwhelmed--he grew up with a small family and was not used to the complete lack of privacy.

On the plus side, my mom finally got the family photo she has wanted for years. The down side, my acne has been totally out of control the last few months so now that will be preserved for generations to come. Oh well.

This weekend we had our friends and their 20-month old son over. Now, I have been around kids my whole life so I am unfazed by the way things have to revolve around the baby's schedule. Hubby, on the other hand, has held exactly one newborn in his life, has never changed a diaper, and has no idea what to do when a baby cries. Once again, hubby was overwhelmed. It probably didn't help that we weren't sure how the doggies would react. Genny always seems scared of kids and Cam gets a little too excited and tends to scare the kids by leaning into them. After the first day, Genny quit growling at the baby and Cam learned that his attempts at getting petted were failing so by day two everyone seemed OK. We even achieved a certain level of comfort with baby and doggies:

I should be able to take some progress photos tomorrow so there will be actual knitting content on the blog.

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twig said...

Your dogs always look hyperactive. Do they move? *laugh* Shelby is similarly "active".

I guess with how busy you've been we'll forgive you for not posting. This time. heheheh

Looking forward to the photos.