07 May 2006

New addition to the family

Well, it was just a matter of time before we got another dog. I pretty much always knew that I wanted another dog when we got Genny. She had come from a home where there was another dog and in the rescue she had shared a kennel run. Normally she is pretty timid, so I had always hoped that once it was time to get another dog, that she would bond quickly and be more playful. At the doggie daycare, it took her a few trips before she would play with the other dogs. Even then she is pretty reserved if there are lots of dogs there that she doesn't know.

Anyway, without further ado here is a picture of the retired greyhound racer that we adopted this weekend. His race name is "Perfectly Candid" and we haven't decided on another name for him. (Got any suggestions?)

Here is another photo where you can see our first dog, Genny, in the background. Unfortunately, we had to muzzle her at first to make sure that she didn't hurt him. Greyhounds have very thin skin and Genny is quite territorial at home so we didn't want to take any chances. After having them both home for almost two days, we did take the muzzle off. She still seems to be pushing him around--she kept growling at him through the muzzle and staring him down to the point where he would run back into his crate. However, when we let them out this evening she actually tried to play with him. He didn't respond to her play bow but I think that may be because he still seems hesitant to walk around in our yard.

He is very sweet and laid back, pretty much the opposite of Genny. He likes everyone--kids, adults, other dogs--and doesn't get distracted by the squirrels. Genny, on the other hand, is suspicious of all new people, is scared to death of kids (so she tends to growl at them to scare them away), and is cautious with other dogs. I'm hoping that she learns to mellow out from him rather than him developing some of her bad habits. We'll see. Either way, he is super sweet and a real keeper.

ETA: For those of you who are interested, we got Genny from the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue a little over a year ago. She is just over 5 years old and still quite active. She has the GSD coloring but not the build. We have no idea what the other part of the mix is. Perfectly Candid is a blue brindle, purebred greyhound who just turned 3 years old in May. We got him through Greyhound Pets of America. There is a greyhound race track near here so the adoption group had an event at the pet store last weekend. Although I wanted to look at the greyhounds, the real clincher was that hubby really liked one of the dogs they had there. (That particular dog was already spoken for when we called the next day but we have no regrets.) It all happened pretty quickly after that.


Trillian42 said...

New puppy! He's so cute! Pet him and Genny for me!

And MDS&W was a blast. You'll have to come up for next year's! And I do think you should come up for Stitches East. =)

chamomile said...

That's so great that you adopt these dogs. I didn't realize that greyhounds retire at such a young age, but I suppose it makes sense. They're both really cute! Good luck deciding upon a name!